Introduction to Colorhat

Welcome to our help section. The introduction page contains basic information about how to use Colorhat. If you have a question, a great place to start is by checking out our FAQ. If you can’t find your answer then head over to the support forum to ask the community.

The Browser

The Colorhat Time-Management Browser

User Menu

This is an important menu. Here you find the User Settings where you can, among other things, change Your E-Mail and Password.



Use the date naviagor to navigate to the day you seek.



Under Reports You’ll find a number of statistics and reports about your Time sheets.



Use the calendar to easily navigate to the date you seek.


Time Sheet

This is a single time sheet. You can edit, delete or move it by drag & drop.



Start and Stop the Timer.



Displays the total amount of time accumulated throughout the day.



Display some of your favorite Time Sheets in the Taskbar.