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Unlimited the whole road. That’s the way Colorhat Premium rocks.

No Limits

With Premium, you can enjoy all the treasures of Colorhat. Unlimited and without brands. All you need is your login.

10 Years

We archive your Invoices for at least 10 Years. They are stored on two secure server parks with a pysical distance of over 1000 miles.

In many countries there is by national law mandatory to store Invoices for 10 Year. We meet these requirements.


Send Invoices in other currencies than yours. Or even assign a currency to a spesific Customer.

New Features

Premium Users will get really cool features like access to the Mobile Platforms and Team/Sharing. What does this mean? We are promoting about these features cause we believe that this will be major integrations. Is there a releasing date? Currently we are coding the backend.


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Send Invoices as a attached PDF. Or let your customer download the Invoice as a PDF file.

PDF Invoices are perfect to print or eaven archive.


Export Filtered Time Sheets according to your needs. Archive or import the exported data to your favorite billing system.



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Price € 5.- per month € 3.- per month 0.-
Invoices per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Total Amount per Month Unlimited Unlimited < 100.-
Time Tracking      
Beautiful PDF Invoices      
International Currency      
Export Functionality      
Accept online payments (planned feature)      
Upload Your Logo/Brand+ Resize and change the position      
Team and SharingGo for it and collaborate easily      
Mobile Platform (planned feature)      
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